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Welcome to the FUN website, home of Iron Age Paleo. We invite you to explore our website, see you inside.


The Iron Age Philosophy

What is Iron Age? Click here my friend and find out.



Our blogs contain the hints, tips and tricks so you don't have to take your journey alone



For all you budding chefs out there. Here is our collection of recipes and cooking tips to kick start your new lifestyle.



There are many ways to a healthy lifestyle and we want to help. Send us an email when you are ready to start your journey.


Welcome to FUN home of the Iron Age philosophy, where Paleo health is made attainable, maintainable and affordable. From the office to the Iron, we have you covered.

What is FUN

FUN is our affectionately abbreviated term for Fed Up Nutrition. Our aim is to pass on as much knowledge about healthy eating to as many people as possible. To do this we have many sections to our site including,

Recipes for all your cooking needs. From daily essentials to that special treat

The blog. This is where we tell you about how the fitness and health industry is geared up to keep you in the dark. We aim to misbehave and shed some light on the industry to give you the facts that you need to make informed lifestyle choices.

Science stuff. I know its jargon but we will try to keep it to minimum and besides you need to know it.

Money is the impediment to truth. When money is to be made and fame to be acclaimed you will always struggle to find what is outside the machine that is the health industry.


With that in mind we invite you to our website, may i suggest browsing with a cup of tea?…….We like tea.